About us

Forest Glade is a 15-year-old company which started off with the thought of providing health services in the corporate world which prove beneficial for the growth of the employees. We are the trending setters in health and safety services as we offer latest technology based facilities and also because entrepreneurs across the country trust our concepts of making their business healthy in financial prospect. We believe investment in health & safety arena is equal to investment in monetary funds.

Our centralized healthcare procedure ensures the customers to have limitless consultations as we provide them with a unique login id. To make this entire process work, we have a setup team of IT executives to work with healthcare assistants to develop new software’s and to make network accessible. Our health management system is a team of efficient professional who shares a huge experience of handling patients suffering from multiple disorders. The services we provide are 100 percent safe as we have accreditation from NATA which is an Australian Regulation Authority named National Association for Testing Authorities. Forest Glade carry our sample test with the NATA team of experts as and when needed. This association works when we have an employee or any professional suspect of taking drugs or alcohol. All the professionals working here at Forest Glade are trained from a recognized university.

One of the main features of our company is SAT- This is a Safety Alarming Team. This team ensures to give complete information about the past and present health records of the person working for the client’s business. This feature maintains a tally-table chart which helps in determining the health growth rate. The design of Safety Alarming Team works in various dimensions to extract the cause behind any unpleasant move. Another aspect of our style-sheet is Procedural Information Bureau. This is an introductory level that enables us to understand the requirements of various individuals. We firmly believe that a ‘Healthy Mind is a Sound Brain’. To maintain healthy minds, we offer procedural consultations.

Every business shall deliver their responsibility towards the employees. Industries and work heads should take care of

  • Keeping a safe Working Atmosphere
  • Clean Working Environment
  • Timely Check on Material use in production
  • Safety check at entry & exit points of the business premises
  • Regular check of work recordings.

The core responsibility of any businessman is to create a hazard-free atmosphere working. The owners or the business head should look into offering a safe working arena where the employees are given health facilities as per the guidelines of the regulatory body. Our efforts are to create a healthier future for people who can have relaxed and calm mindset even after working for long hours. In our long span of the career, we understood the requirements of various industries. We recommend entrepreneurs with factories or plants to ensure a healthy, safe and clean environment for workers. Another important thing that we bring in the notice of each client is to provide an appropriate accommodation if necessary.

We have a huge working capacity which comes with an Online Form Submission process to collect and record the essential information of a person. This method helps our analyze section to figure out what is the issue.

Forest Glade are the most reliable company when it comes to health & safety. For us, ‘health matters the most.’

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