Forest Glade offer services of E-learning, Safety Management System, Occupational Health Management System, Program fir Drugs & Alcohol Management and Advisory Desk.

Each of these services consists of a unique feature that enables our executives to suggest proper health guidance. The most customer friendly health & safety solution we have is E-learning. This facility helps in health assistance with 24-hrs availability. The health assistants at Forest Glade are happy to serve the clients at any given point. This service plays a major role in balancing the anxiety level of any employee who is habitual of any bad habits. The healthcare henchman is a skilled executive who asks for the login id and offers a solution to any query by person’s health record.

E-learning is a solution for business owners if they wish to keep a check of what safety measures and health care amenities they should introduce in business premises to reduce the chance of any mishap. In E-learning we also share videos that give quick measures to keep any unpleasant incidents at bay. For example:-

  • Things to do in case of fire
  • Track signs of Smoke
  • Do this in case of short circuit

Safety Management System referred to as SMS service is use to deal with safety measures of the business. According to the Regulators, the Owner of any Organization/Business shall be held responsible for any accident that takes place due to improper safety measures. We suggest this service to the customers as this can benefit all the businessmen and employees from being hurt in any incident. Through this facility, we recommend the best safety solution to the clients as it can help them in saving manpower, financial expense and hampering of the guidelines issued by the Regulator.

Another significant use of this service is to create an accident-prone free area at the workplaces.

Third is Occupational Health Management System – OHMS. This system makes an assessment of office location, work environment, business culture and also reviews the health and safety steps currently initiated by the customer. OHMS is a department that computes various elements and comes to a conclusion about what is the current situation and what are the necessities for making the work place more secure. This service plays a crucial for in development of the entire business circle because

Business Project/ Plant Machinery + Workforce = Output (Profit)

This service helps to keep the workforce fit and safe so that they can apply all the energy in producing a profitable output. Maintaining of safety and well-being measure comes handy to gain huge profits.

Our exclusive PDAM i.e. Program for Drug & Alcohol Management is a perfect option for those companies which suffer from employee absenteeism and indiscipline at the workplace. These problems occur when employees are addicted to taking drugs & alcohol. These habits make the mind unconscious and people often complain of feeling sleepy and having a headache. Forest Glade have the expertise to deal with these types of cases from past 15 years and have a specialized team of healthcare executives who help employees to get out of this traumatic situation.

To complete the health & safety solution process, we have an Advisory Desk. This desk is a healing process for those who did any misappropriate work in an unconscious state of mind and now feel guilty. This desk consoles the person to get out of the guilt they are feeling. Guilt is also one of the reasons that keep employees absent from the workplace. Our efficient team at this desk helps the person in gaining confidence again and helps in improving the business.

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